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Who am I?

Reshma, currently chair of the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management Advisory Board. Professionally a Visiting Partner at YCombinator. Alum MIT, Microsoft, Facebook, and Box.

Why am I writing?

The Raikes School is ambitious, we (the administration and board) are working hard to improve the educational experience. In this spirit, the Raikes School leadership team is running a new experiment, board members are going to do 10 minute Office Hours meetings with students this year. We hope that each student in the Raikes School program should meet 1:1 with a board member in 2021.

These are optional for…

This is a Q&A Session from June 27, 2020, where Thomas Kalil Chief Innovation Officer of Schmidt Futures interviews USDR UI Lead Reshma Khilnani.

Q. Tell me a bit about your background, and why you decided to join the U.S. Digital Response.

I’m Reshma — a software engineer and entrepreneur who lives in San Francisco. I’ve built and sold two companies, and have worked in big tech at Facebook, Microsoft, and Box. At the end of 2019, I sold a company and my son was born, so I decided to take some time off. My friend and former colleague who…

A job loss snapshot 4/21/2020

Tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs in the past month. Not only have local businesses closed, but countless others who work as part of the “gig economy” have lost their sources of income because of the COVID-19 crisis. Overall, over 26M people have made unemployment benefit claims since the crisis began, and those claims are largely from people who are eligible for traditional unemployment. It is expected that a wave of applications from gig workers is yet to come.

The CARES Act, passed March 27th, expands benefits for those who have lost work due to the pandemic…

This fall, I joined the board of the University of Nebraska Lincoln Raikes School. The Raikes School is a combined Computer Science and Management undergraduate honors program and serves some of the top students in Nebraska and nationwide. We just held our fall board meeting, and it was great to learn about the program, Nebraska culture, and about trends in higher education overall.

Some takeaways:

  • A university program that successfully promotes entrepreneurship has a huge impact on a local economy. A state university does have mandate to serve the people of the state. Company formation is a driver of jobs…

Why is exchanging health data so hard?

I have had a few friends ask me why we see some strange things in healthcare. For example:

  • Health data is exchanged by fax, CD/DVD, or on a sheet of film using patients as mules
  • It’s more efficient to make you rewrite all your medical history than transfer your records between institutions
  • Data exchange takes a very long time, often several weeks if possible at all

The difficulty exchanging health data doesn’t just have one cause. …

Without making the community hate you

Reddit is both an amazing and terrifying website. It is the 58th biggest site on the internet, has amazing communities in specific topics, but companies trying to get visibility on the website run a very real risk of backlash. Backlash recipients range from Google to Woody Harrelson.

My company, MedXT increased traffic to our website 3x, and increased signups for our product 2x from reddit and to date (fingers crossed) haven’t experienced any major backlash or trolling. And we aren’t some sexy gaming or Dogecoin startup, we make boring enterprise medical software, like infrastructure you would use in a…

Products I use to run my (regulated, enterprise) business

I’m Reshma, Co-Founder of MedXT, a web and mobile RIS/PACS (diagnose patients remotely using medical imaging like X-Ray, CT Scan etc).

MedXT is enterprise medical software (read: lots of regulatory requirements.) Not only do we have to be HIPAA compliant, but we also have FDA Class II Medical Device clearance (510K). Uptime is critical for us because we serve hospital Emergency Departments (ED) and critically ill people need to be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Selling MedXT also requires a “Enterprise Sale” where clinical staff, finance and IT need to understand the feature set and…

Top Bitcoin questions I’ve been asked

Who are you? Why are you writing about Bitcoin?

Do you ever feel like there is that person who is un-naturally enthusiastic about a new currency even though they have no idea how/why it will be used?

That’s me! For years I have been into virtual/crypto/digital currencies of different kinds. Including, but not limited to: letting people transfer cellphone minutes peer-to-peer and use them as micro currency, PM-ing Facebook Credits and Facebook global payments, buying World of Warcraft Gold online, and of course Bitcoin. …

Reshma Khilnani

Visiting Partner at YC. Founder Droplet, MedXT. Facebook, Microsoft, Box Alum.

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