Bitcoin FAQ

Top Bitcoin questions I’ve been asked

Who are you? Why are you writing about Bitcoin?

What would it take for BTC to gain adoption?

What’s your best Bitcoin Startup Idea?

Conan on Bitcoin is hilarious

Why is regulatory buy-in so crucial to a payment system?

What’s the difference between the different crypto currencies? Why does Dogecoin appear to be taking off?

The Dogecoin dog
This is an example of current BTC payment methods not requiring merchants to take Forex risk
The growth in number of BTC in circulation
Benchmarks for BTC market cap (source Goldman Sachs)

What would it really take for BTC to become a global remittance network, like good enough to replace Western Union?

Line to remit funds to the Philippines at the PNB remittance center in Hong Kong

The most important thing for a new payment system: there needs to be something for sale that people want to buy

BTC transactions per day, since 2009 (from

Other applications of Bitcoin

Visiting Partner at YC. Founder Droplet, MedXT. Facebook, Microsoft, Box Alum.

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