SAAS Products I Use

Products I use to run my (regulated, enterprise) business

I’m Reshma, Co-Founder of MedXT, a web and mobile RIS/PACS (diagnose patients remotely using medical imaging like X-Ray, CT Scan etc).

MedXT is enterprise medical software (read: lots of regulatory requirements.) Not only do we have to be HIPAA compliant, but we also have FDA Class II Medical Device clearance (510K). Uptime is critical for us because we serve hospital Emergency Departments (ED) and critically ill people need to be diagnosed and treated quickly.

Selling MedXT also requires a “Enterprise Sale” where clinical staff, finance and IT need to understand the feature set and agree to the purchase. It is not an impulse purchase.

With all these things in mind, we think really carefully about our SAAS toolkit and what will help us move fast while meeting regulatory and reliability requirements. These are products we really use all the time, that we actually pay for and that aren’t trials or pilots.

At this moment, most of our new MedXT customers come through referral, so the next frontier is scaling sales and marketing. In that spirit I plan to try: Crowdbooster, Hootsuite, PressFriendly,, Trello, RelateIQ. I’ll report back what I find.

Visiting Partner at YC. Founder Droplet, MedXT. Facebook, Microsoft, Box Alum.

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